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Talent Philosophy


Talent Philosophy

     The core philosophy: the opportunity for people who want to Director-General, to the Director-Stage, do nothing, people standing treatment.Meritocracy, I really must be used.
      First, the ability and political integrity principle. Comprehensive measure of the selection and use of personnel in accordance with the requirements of both ability and integrity, adhere to the virtuous is mediocre talent without virtue is a villain, moral and can be neglected.
      Second,On principle effect. With only, we do not look at the academic ability to see, do not look at the level of diploma look, no matter what capacity, what degree, what age, Well done, well done than others, excellent, outstanding performance, and it boldly, entrusted with task. Currently, the average age of the company's technical staff and middle management personnel in the 30-year-old, the workshop staff average age of 28 years old. Although these people are not very old, some qualifications is not very high, but capable, energetic, and performance. We adhere to the effect 'employment mechanism, so that a large number of competent and honest talent to become the pillars of the development of enterprises.
      Third,the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of personnel, we have to achieve a transition to the stadium elect Ma "by" horses horses, who have done the best we as a talent to be reused; otherwise, can only be eliminated.
      Fourth, everyone is the principle of talent. Eliminate modeling and mysterious people who use, so that the person who should merit apply. As long as it is in the appropriate position on the play, the greatest degree of intelligence, a certain sense of talent. Based on each employee's level of expertise, experience, character, in accordance with this principle, we will arrange to suitable posts, do their talent before they do their best to promote the sustained, rapid and efficient development of enterprises.