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Human Resources

Talent Philosophy

The core idea: let those who want to do things have the opportunity, those who can do things have a stage, and those who do things have status and treatment. Only talent is used, and only talent is used.

The first is the principle of having both ability and political integrity.The selection and use of talents in accordance with the requirements of comprehensive measurement, ability and political integrity, adhere to the virtue without virtue is mediocre, talent without virtue is a small person, virtue can not be partial.
The second is the principle of "effect theory.In terms of talents, we do not look at academic qualifications and abilities, nor do we look at diplomas and levels. No matter what status, academic qualifications and age, as long as we do well, do better than others and have outstanding achievements, we will boldly use them and entrust them with important tasks. We adhere to the "effect theory" employment mechanism, so that a large number of talents with both ability and political integrity stand out and become the pillars of enterprise development.
Three is the principle of survival of the fittest.In the selection of talents, we have realized the transformation from "Bole Xiangma" to "horse selection on the field". Whoever does the best will be reused as talents; otherwise, we can only be eliminated.
The fourth is the principle of "everyone is a talent.In the use of talents, we should eliminate the pattern and mystery, and make sure that the talents are suitable for the people and the quantity is applicable. As long as in the right position to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is a certain sense of talent. In accordance with this principle, we arrange each employee to a relatively suitable position according to his or her level, expertise, experience, personality, etc., so as to make the best use of his or her talents and promote the sustained, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.

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