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YF158 Raymond Mill

YF158 grinding mill is widely used in construction system,paint,paper,plastic,environmental protection,feed,pesticide,glass,ceram and phosphatic fertilizer Grinding material: Moh’s hardness scale less than 7, moisture less than 10%,noncombustible and non-explosive.for example: calcium carbonate,calcite,talc,barite,manganolite,chrome ore,gypsum,graphite,carbon and bentonite. The whole series of set is widely used , easy operation, easy maintenance,stable property,highly cost-effective, it’s the good set in the grinding area



Feed Size:


Production capacity:


Application field:

less than Moh's hardness 7 Non-metallic Ore Grinding

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Working Principle:

Firstly,The material is crushed to the 40mm by the crusher,then store in the material bin ,delivery the material to the grinding cavity with the belt feeder,the 4 rollers is rotating with the center, with the effect of centrifugal force,rollers swing outward to the grinding ring ,rotary shovel edge guiding the material between rollers and grinding ring to reach the grinding effect.


The powder is blowed to the classifier by the airflow of air blower, which can not reach the fineness standard will fall to the grinding cavity again to grind again,the other powder which can reach the fineness standard will enter the double cyclone collector, after collecting , the powder from the cone is finished product(fineness can reach 400 mesh ,d97≤38μm),purified airflow pass the upper side of cyclone collector to the air blower,then enter the main unit again,the airflow cyclic,only the air blower and grinding cavity is positive pressure, the other airflow in the pipeline is negative pressure, so the workshop’s sanitary condition is good ,because the material’s moisture evaporation into gas ,will increase the blowing capacity of cyclic air pipeline, the increase blowing capacity will pass the pipe between air blower and main unit to the pulse dust collector, with the rest of airflow ,will pass the pulse dust collector to purification ,At last discharge from the induced draft fan.





Process Flow Diagrame:



1, Materical Silo; 2, Belt Feeder; 3, Main Reduction Driver; 4, Raymond Mill Grinding System; 5, Classifier; 6, Double Cyclone Collector; 7, Air Blower 1

8, Baghouse(Deduster); 9, Air Blower 2


Performance and Advantage:


High Capacity:special cambered shovel design, the cambered shovel can scoop up the material in vertical plane to makes the rollers and rings worn equally, at the same time, increases the working face and capacity.


Good quality:  cage or leaf disc classifier,dual configuration options, special gas seal device, effective to

   prevent coarse powder.


Renewable Material:Adopt separate shovel, you only need to change the shovel edge, the edge use high wearable alloy material which improve the use life, reduce the cost.


Reduction box Light-Oil lubrication : adopt inner L. O. pumps, so the main shafe bearing and bevel gear can be lubricated without an additional lubrication system. Reduce the resistance and temperature, improve the use life of bearing.


Reduce Resistance;adopt low resistance arc air channel, the tangential air goes into air channel easily because there is small resistance. And the inner outlet is very good for material to spread around and avoid material jammed.


High collect efficiency: separated cyclone with a separated structure between inner core and mixed air flow, it can be improve the classifying efficiency and precision.

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