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Negative Electrode Materials Impacting Mill

Negative Electrode Materials Impacting Mill

The impacting mill is developed by our company. The mill is lower power consumption, High fineness, lower abrasion. It is the popular machine for negative electrode materials.
Feed Size:
Production capacity:
Application field:
The mill is widely applied in the powder materials process such as grinding, scattering, shaping and filtrating.

Mill Constructure 

Process Flow Diagram


1. Low power consumption. The mill can cover various grinding models such as centrifuging, impacting and extruding. The power efficiency can reduce 40-50% than other mechanical grinding.

2. High Fineness. The mill has the advanced classifier system.

3. Low abrasion. The grinding parts uses alloy wear-resisting materials. The using life is longer. It is suitable for grinding the materials that the Moh hardness is less than 5.

4. The performance is very stable. The whole system can be runned for 24 hours.

5. The function is complete. During the grinding process, the temperature will not be increased so that the mill is very suitable for the heat-sensitive materials. The mill can be used to scatter the sintered agglomerated superfine material. The particle size can be 100% recovery that makes the shaping fuction come ture. It can increase the stacking density and also can grinding the fiber.

6. The negative pressure production. No dust pollution.

7. The automation is high degree. The operation is very simple.



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